We are the firstpan-European VC investing in deeptech innovation for Energy Transition

We're Exergon, we are willing to accelerate the energy transition in order to shape the clean, secure and affordable energy system that we urgently need.

We focus on investements in nuclear energy.

We invest in
Nuclear Energy
We invest in
We invest in
We invest in
Nuclear Energy

Shape the clean, secure and affordable energy system that we urgently need

Exergon invests in European deeptech companies developing disruptive innovations in order to accelerate the energy transition

“Our best chance to fight climate change and remain under +1.5°C of global warming is by reaching Net Zero Emissions by 2050”

Fatih Birol
CEO of the IEA

The current emissions mostly derive from our ever increasing consumption of energy, which still relies on fossil fuels at +80%.

Also experts have warned about the fact that conventional solutions won’t be enough to reach our objectives meaning that major breakthroughs must emerge fast.

Leading VC investor disrupting the energy sector

Massive investments will be needed to reshape the energy system and the IEA estimates that 70% of it should come from the private sector.

Our mission is thus to help bridging the gap between the announced investments and what is actually needed to reach Net Zero Emissions in 2050.

We have targeted the nuclear energy that gather the largest potential of disruptive solutions to accelerate the transition.

The great advantage of nuclear energy is the capability to support renewables as it is decarbonized, reliable and manageable. Besides, nuclear energy innovations develop technologies that would make us gain safety, competitiveness, sustainability and resilience.

With the taxonomy approval of nuclear energy as a clean energy and the fact that many countries are shifting their mindset in favour of this energy source, Europe is a great place to set the first VC fund dedicated to nuclear energy.

Nuclear Energy


Energy Storage

Energy Efficiency

Inspire other by making Europe a model of succeeded Energy Transition

Europe is still lagging behind when it comes to deeptech investments as opposed to the USA or China. Yet we form some of the best engineers and boast a stronglegacy about finding innovative energy sources.

Our Founders

Charles Beigbeder

We consider the challenge of the energy transition as a unique opportunity to create and expand new energy leaders. Only deeptech technology will allow us to achieve climate neutrality that has been called for by the Paris Agreement. Exergon's mission is to identify these solutions, stimulate their development and help the most promising to deliver their full potential to the World.

Giuseppe Sangiovanni

Co-Founder / Managing Partner
Ongoing climate change urges us to go faster on the global path to net zero emissions. For this we need to accelerate the energy transition using innovative technologies and Europe leads the way in developing these technologies. We are eager to push further the European leadership on clean energy innovation!